Susannah Saunders
BSc. Psychology (Hons); C.Hyp; MGHR

Susannah Saunders photo

Having studied psychology at university, Susannah went on to work in clinical psychology within the NHS. She developed a strong passion for working within the mental health field and went on to study hypnotherapy to broaden her knowledge. She very quickly found that the technique which had the most powerful impact in effecting change was curative hypnotherapy, a treatment which focuses on identifying and correcting the subconscious cause of a problem.

Susannah has been in full time practice since 2003 and helps patients with a whole range of symptoms, including stopping smoking, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, blushing, panic, OCD and much more.

Please contact Susannah to learn more about curative hypnotherapy and / or arrange an initial consultation:

Tel: 020 3700 4263